NW Superflex TIG torches

Strain relief with a ball joint
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Strain relief with a ball joint.
Protects the power, gas and water hoses from being kink. Reduces the wearing of hoses on a sharp handle edge. Helps maneuverability of the TIG torch in the off positions. Do not fatigue welders wrist.
Leather Cover Sheet with zipper
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Leather Cover Sheet with zipper.
It is for the welders comfort. Makes the package more flexible even the outside temperature is low. Makes the access to the inside hoses and cables for its inspection and exchange when needed.
Starting kit
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Starting kit.
Nov-Weld provides all their TIG torches NW Superflex Serie packages with the necessary accessories to allow welding operators to customize the NW TIG torches for their specific application. It saves time, money and reduces the downtime.
DINSE with 90o side connection
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DINSE with 90o side connection.
Right angle guarantee less collisions when the plug is set into the power DINSE socket and protects side connection from being damaged. It is made of brass and covered with the silicon rubber boot. More rigid than the plastic one.
Water stoppers
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Water stoppers.
Red and blue plastic covers protect from water leakage after the torch is disconnected from the water-cooled machine. Help to distinguish water In and Out hoses.
Ergonomic handle & switch
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Ergonomic handle & switch.
NW150RGHErgonomic handle (no switch) for NW9/17/20/24
NW250RGHErgonomic handle (no switch) for NW18/18SC/26
RGH-1BSwitch NW (left)
RGH-2BDouble button switch NW (right)