NARROW-GAP-WELDING (2014-01-07) Narrow-Gap-Welding

Set include:

  • nozzle coated with anti-splintering covering resistant to high temperature (boron nitride)
  • switch current - guide tube with anti-splintering
  • contact tip
  • centering ceramic insulating sleeve resistant to high temperature and thermal shock
  • conduit.

Set for welding in narrow gaps can be applied to conventional MIG-MAG handles welding e.g. SP-401 and SP-501 and gas-cooled SP-360. Available standard length set in the range of 60-150mm.

The design and shape of the nozzle shroud allows welding with good observation weld spatter adhesion minimum without the need anti-splintering preparations.

 51-35-061 Connecting tube [NG] 60
 51-35-091 Connecting tube [NG] 90
 51-35-121 Connecting tube [NG] 120
 51-35-151 Connecting tube [NG] 150
 51-25-110 Contact tip [NG] Ø 1.0mm
 51-25-112 Contact tip [NG] Ø 1.2mm
 51-25-116 Contact tip [NG] Ø 1.6mm
 51-45-001 Protective cap [NG]
 51-55-060 Gas nozzle to narrow gaps [NG] 60
 51-55-090 Gas nozzle to narrow gaps [NG] 90
 51-51-120 Gas nozzle to narrow gaps [NG] 120
 51-55-150 Gas nozzle to narrow gaps [NG] 150
 51-45-061 Conduit [NG] 60
 51-45-091 Conduit [NG] 90
 51-45-121 Conduit [NG] 120
 51-45-151 Conduit [NG] 150

Update - February 2015