Privacy Policy and use of cookies on the website

In order to respect the privacy of users of visitors to the site present you with the privacy policy our service . The Administrator reserves the right to make changes at any time. Any modifications will be presented in the following document.

Service monitors Google Analytics , which collects information regarding the IP addresses Geolocation users, as well as screen resolution and version of the JavaScript and Flash. It is possible through the use of different kinds of cookies ( about which more information can be obtained on cookie-usage ).  These data are stored on servers. They are used to generate statistical reports on the website traffic. None of the information collected by means of statistical tools are not shared with Google  any other parties.

  Browsing the site is also associated with the storage on the device's text files cookies. They are used not only for statistical purposes, but primarily for facilitate Internet users use the site. They collect data on visitor preferences page as well as his equipment, so as to properly present the service visited. Do not collect personal data. You consent to the storage of cookies, as long as he did not exclude them, in accordance with the browser settings website, which uses.

Party avails itself of the subscription by using freshmail. The user voluntarily agrees to receive from our company newsletter, with the possibility of cancellation at any time. Accept there data such as your name, company name and e-mail address used for marketing purposes relating to our services. These data are not made available to third parties, nor sold. In exceptional cases, in accordance with applicable law, may be made available to relevant parties. Questions regarding the privacy policy page please email: